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MindCraft Academy provides nourishing and nurturing for minds to realize one’s self potential.

We help to develop the knowledge, confidence & skills that build capacity among the schools as well as families to partner with one another towards student success.

We believe an exemplary teacher will not just enlighten the student, but will also empower the student by igniting the fire that fuels a student’s thirst for knowledge, curiosity & wisdom.

We offer various one on one sessions as well as interactive sessions for the teachers parents & school leaders.

Our stepwise modules are:

For Parents

Parents as Coaches

Behaviour Management

Positive Parenting

Work Life Balance

Healthy Mind Platter

For Teachers

Communication Skills

Coaching & Mentoring

Stress Management

Class Room Management

Multiple Intelligence Training – L1, L2

Work Life Balance

Healthy Mind Platter

For Principal

School the way forward

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